Visiting the Algave

Ever fancied a trip to the Algarve? Well if you have, I would highly recommend a visit to Lagos. Lagos is a beautiful town in southern Portugal which boasts arguably the best beaches in the region. The town is surrounded by the ancient city walls and a walk around them gives you some of the best views of the picturesque harbour. After a wander through the cobbled streets, soaking up the history of the architecture, a coffee or beer stop is essential. You really are spoilt for choice as the quaint cafes and bars offer a wide range of refreshments. At night the town becomes a vibrant place to visit whether you prefer a quiet dinner with your partner or a night of dancing with some newly made friends. There are plenty of reasonably priced taxis available at the end of your evening to take you back to your holiday accommodation.

Reasons to Choose Algarve Golf Holidays

Golfing is one of the most highly acclaimed games, and there are many reasons for this. Among these reasons is the fact that it is a relaxing game and hence the best when you are on holiday. Golf holidays have provided many players with an opportunity to enjoy their favourite game away from the hustle and bustle of life back at home.

Ideal Golf Holiday Destination
Weather is an important factor for someone looking for a golf holiday destination and the Algarve gold holidays will offer you the perfect weather. The place boasts of an Atlantic –influenced weather with an average of 300 sunny days. If you want to go back home with a tan, you should choose this as the best destination. You will also have an easy time accessing the destination because the infrastructure allows for smooth transportation of tourists.

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Christmas holiday vacations

For some people, going away at Christmas is something that they have never considered but more and more people are choosing this time of year to pack their suitcases and set off on holiday. Christmas for many people is about family spending time together opening presents, enjoying good food and celebrating but if you fancy trying something new, then a festive break could be just what you need. You do not have to go somewhere hot for Christmas, many December holidays are taken in countries that are cold and even that have snow on the ground, often making the experience feel even more festive. To go away just before or after Christmas may save you some money, but holidays that fall over the Christmas period may be little pricey. Why not go for a break a few weeks after Christmas, allowing you to enjoy that time at home whilst giving you something else to look forward to.

Holiday traffic

Going on holiday is a fantastic opportunity and most families spend a long time looking forward to their breaks away. Some holiday destinations in the UK are extremely popular, so during summer holidays they can get very busy. Newquay for example is a beautiful location on the south west cost of England is attracts thousands of tourists year upon year.

Newquay in Cornwall is not only famous for its golden sand beaches, crystal clear blue sea and Cornish pasties but also for its excellent surfing conditions.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that the town becomes very heavily over populated during the holiday months. A drive in to Newquay can take a long time purely because of the volume of traffic and parking is often also a nightmare. Planning your route and leaving early can help to avoid sitting in ques of traffic for hours upon end in a boiling hot car.


Weekend break to London

London is the capital of England and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists when coming to the UK. London is famous for its wealth of shops, bars, restaurants and there are a huge number of sites that are well worth a visit when staying in the capital. It is very easy to fill up a weekend break away in this magnificent city.

If you have an interest in history then London has plenty on offer from the Natural History Museum to the London Dungeons. Shopping is another top for London with a wide range of high street, designer and boutique shops lining the streets.

London, as with many cities is not cheap in terms of accommodation, drinks and food but it can be done on a budget if you plan in advance. Looking on sites such as Booking or Hotels can allow you to find a nice hotel at a bargain price.

Short family breaks

If you are looking for a cheap getaway this summer then you may start by looking for short break deals. With the school summer holidays nearly upon us, you will soon see a massive spike in prices as holiday companies take advantage of the strict rules regarding taking children out of school during term time.

If you do not have to go in the school holidays, then I would definitely recommend avoiding these times. If however you are constricted to the school holidays, don’t worry, there are still some bargains to be found. You will need to spend some time trailing through discount voucher sites, independent websites and speaking to travel agents to find a holiday that is right for you and within your budget but if you are flexible on where you go then you could still bag an amazing bargain holiday that the whole family will enjoy.


Accommodation for self-catering holidays in the UK

When choosing a holiday in the UK you have a number of options when it comes to accommodation. You can stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast, lodge/cottage/apartment, caravan or tent. Staying in a tent is often the cheapest option as some campsites charge as little as four pounds per night for a pitch, but often have very little else in terms of entertainment and facilities on site. This is often perfect for families who want to enjoy camping and don’t plan to spend much time on site. If you are looking for something a little more like home then you could opt for a caravan but the prices do often rise steeply often averaging from £50-£100 per night. But have you ever considered glamping? Glamping is the new way of camping that allows you the excitement of camping with the comfort of a caravan of lodge. Safari tents are often available at many campsite sites across the UK such as Haven and offer comfort and a good range of equipment at a lower price than a caravan.