What do you Need in a Good Portuguese Holiday Apartment?

Having a good holiday is as much about the accommodation as it is about the setting and the activities. In the years to come, you’ll remember the accommodation vividly as it’s where you spent much of your time. If the apartment has beautiful views and lovely spacious rooms, this will stick in your mind.

Decide what you want from your holiday apartment before you begin your search, establishing what you are looking for to save you time. If you know that you need good kitchen facilities, or you would like a second toilet or bathroom, you can filter your search results by these factors when looking. If you have lots of results still, then you can begin thinking about the things that would be an added bonus, like a balcony or other outdoor area. Choosing a good apartment will ensure you have a comfortable holiday and will set the scene for your Portuguese holiday.

Do you Own an Apartment in the Algarve?

Many people in the UK own apartments in the Algarve, choosing to treat this as their permanent holiday home. It’s a lovely part of the world to relax in and spend some time in a pleasant climate, away from the stresses associated with the UK. It’s easy to see why people have invested in property in Portugal.

If you own an apartment in the Algarve, you could make a good deal of money by renting it out. Much of this is due to golf tourism, where people come to the region to work on their game and enjoy the quality of the golf courses. During the peak season, you can rent your apartment out to people on golfing holidays for a very good price. If you own property near to a golf course, this is even better – golf villages can rent out apartments for much higher prices over the summer months.

How to Find Algarve Apartments to Rent Out

An apartment holiday is one of the best kinds, giving you the freedom to be with your family and do your own thing, without having to keep the noise down for hotel guests or eat breakfast with them every day. With an apartment, your space is your own for the entirety of the holiday, giving you the space to do as you will. Many people find this a more relaxing way to spend a holiday and there are now many apartment holiday options springing up all over Portugal. Lots of families, golf enthusiasts, couples, groups and tour companies travel to the South of Portugal and the Algarve region every single year, seeking out Algarve apartments to rent for the duration of their holiday. In such a beautiful and diverse region, there are many options for apartment holidays, from thriving towns like Lagos to laid back golf villages like Balaia.

Finding the perfect apartment for you

Many people travel to the Algarve and each person or group will have different preferences. Prioritise your needs and remember what you want your holiday to be like. Here are some tips for securing a beautiful apartment ahead of your holiday:

  • Look online. The internet is now one of the most popular ways to book holiday apartments, in Portugal as across the rest of the world. You will have lots of choice if you look for accommodation to rent out online.
  • Find a specialist agent. Many of the golf villages and complexes in the region will have various apartment owners who rent their apartments out via an agent. Look for an agent online and get up-to-date information about which of the apartments is available. The benefit of booking this way is that you can deal with a real person who can answer any questions.
  • Ask around. Many people will have travelled to Portugal and might be able to give you tips and advice about where to stay. If they have stayed somewhere especially lovely, ask for the name of the apartment complex or village. It’s always worth looking into areas that come highly recommended so you have an idea of the kind of place you will be staying. This is also useful if you have children; ask other families with children of a similar age where they stayed and what facilities they had.

Do you need to book an apartment in advance?

When travelling to Portugal, and the Algarve in particular, remember that this is a very busy area, especially in the height of the summer months. It’s a dangerous game to play to leave it to the last moment to book and even more dangerous to travel with a prior booking for an apartment. There may be some options for accommodation like hostels still available, but for the most part, the quality accommodation will get booked up, sometimes months in advance. If you already know you are going to Portugal next year, why not book now? You’ll be able to reserve the best apartments in the region.

A Holiday Doesn’t Have to be ExpensiveĀ 

Choosing to go on a holiday doesn’t have to be an expensive decision to make. There are lots of destinations around the world that offer you excellent value for money and that really won’t break the bank. If you want a longer, relaxing break, look into hotels and resorts that don’t cost too much and that offer you good facilities, like pools and private balconies. If you find that food and drink tends to push up the cost of your holiday, you could choose to stay in an all inclusive resort. The food perhaps won’t be as high quality, but it means that you won’t have to worry about spending spiralling out of control.

Short breaks might also be better value than you think. Put all costs into perspective before you travel, for instance, if you are travelling over the weekend, remember that you would usually be spending money on leisure activities anyway.

Should you Go Travelling for a Long Period of Time?

Travelling can be a life-changing experience, but it is a big commitment and not one that you should underestimate. When you decide to go travelling, you will be pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and you won’t be coming back to the same life – chances are you will be changing job, moving into a different house and generally changing the way in which you live due to your experience. It is not something to take lightly to leave your life behind for months at a time and travel.

Travelling is also a wonderful, eye-opening experience that many people will enjoy for such diverse reasons. Don’t think that you shouldn’t experience it because it might be a little tricky – just make sure you put some serious thought into the logistics. If you have any doubts about your career, speak to your company and see if they can make your job safe for a few months.

Villa Holidays – a Great Accommodation Choice

Renting out a villa is a good option for people looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. There are lots of different villa options around the world, depending on what you want to do and see whilst on holiday. You will be able to choose your location, going for somewhere in a holiday village that is a little more lively or choosing somewhere more secluded for a peaceful time.

Villas sound luxurious, but there are plenty of deals if you book at the right time, especially if you travel out of season. Booking villas and flights as a package may also be an option to reduce your costs. You will get lots of different kinds of facilities in villas, such as air conditioning, kitchens and swimming pools. You will mainly need to decide what is most important to you, then work out what you can fit into your holiday budget.

How to Budget Whilst Travelling

It isn’t always easy to budget whilst on the road, especially if you don’t have any income and really need to plan ahead. Travelling is an amazing experience, but you do need to be careful and make sure your money will go as far as possible.

Here are some of the things you can do to budget for your trip:

  • Check your balance regularly. Every time you have access to the internet, check your bank account, especially if you are paying for accommodation and flights.
  • Account for the expensive parts of the trip. Make sure you take into consideration the parts of the trip that will cost more and account for the amounts.
  • Cook your own food when you can. This will save you a lot of money on eating out.
  • Travel by bus and do it as cheaply as you can. It might not be comfortable, but if you are short of money, then it’s the best way to save some cash.