Travelling Safely when with Friends

Travelling with others may seem like a safer option than travelling alone. This might be the case, but equally, you are going to face a unique set of problems when you are in a group. Here are some of the safety basics to think about to protect yourself abroad:

  • Don’t attract attention to yourselves. When you’re having fun in a group, the temptation is to get carried away. Be careful not to have too many drinks in a strange place and find yourselves in a vulnerable situation.
  • Plan your route. Look at maps and decide where you are going to go ahead of time. This will help your travel plans to go smoothly.
  • Share the responsibility. The temptation is to let one person who may be a good planner take care of everything. Remember that you are all responsible for your time away and share duties, like map reading, transport planning and accommodation booking.

Why is Europe a Good Holiday Destination?

Europe has so much to offer travellers. It is a destination that people from all over the world would like to visit. As British citizens, we are in close proximity to some amazing, cheap destinations that would make an excellent holiday.

Much of Europe tends to have better weather than we have in the UK. Even countries like Germany will have very cold winters but very hot summers, making it a great destination for a mini break over the summer months,

The European culture is something that really attracts people as well. There is a great cafe culture, with lots of residents enjoying great coffee and demanding good cafes. There is also a lot of really good European beer.

European architecture is varied and beautiful. From the dramatic Medieval architecture of Prague to the countryside of Italian Lombardy, there is something for everyone. Spend some time in a picturesque city or relax along stunning coastline.

What to Look for in a Holiday Package

Holiday packages are a convenient, and usually cheaper, way to travel. They include everything you need for the beginning of your holiday, usually at the very least a hotel and flights there and back. There are some things you should be asking of your holiday package deal. Here are some of them:

  • How much money will it cost all together? Make sure the tax has been added to the flights and the price you are looking at is the finalised price.
  • What times are the flights? Many packages deal include the cheapest flights possible, which are usually at pretty inconvenient times. If this is the case and you don’t mind, great. If you want to swap, you may need to pay more.
  • Is transport included? Make sure you know how you are getting to your accommodation once you arrive. Many deals will include a bus transfer as part of the price.

Going on a City Break

City breaks are great for shorter holidays that won’t cost you too much money. The beauty of a city break is that you will get to spend some time away, relax, unwind, yet see lots of interesting sights as well. A city break is a good way to see interesting parts of another country.

To book your next city break, it’s best to look at flights and see which ones are available for a good price. This will give you an idea of destinations that are affordable for you. If the flights don’t go exactly where you want them to, see if there is good onward travel, like buses and trains.

Next, book your accommodation. Look at booking websites to compare prices for hotels. If you are staying in a capital city, expect prices to be quite high. However, if you are visiting a big city like Berlin or Paris, there will also be lots of options at various prices.

What is the Best Way to Book your Next Holiday?

Booking a holiday isn’t a quick process. There’s the decision making part, deciding where you will go and what you want to see. Then you have to actually get round to booking it. You will need to find the best way to book it, so that you are sure your money is safe but you are also getting the best deal and will get as much as you can out of the package you choose.

If you are able to use the internet, booking a holiday online is going to be the cheapest option. You will be able to browse through different deals and find the one that most appeals to you and your family. Look at getting flights and hotels all in one, as this is usually the cheapest way to do it. If you want someone to sort your whole holiday for you, think about using a travel agent.

Holidays in Kenya

Holidays in Kenya offer you one of the best African experiences. Famed for its breath taking landscapes, welcoming people and incredible wildlife, Kenya is magical. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, a family adventure or a wildlife filled vacation alone, you can find it in Kenya. Some of the options you have when holidaying here include:

Spending Time on the Beach

The coastline of Kenya is fringed by a vast stretch of incredible coral reef and it offers some of the best scuba diving spots in the entire globe. Most beach hotels usually have their own PADI approved schools for people who are looking to learn to dive with experts. There is a wide range of beach accommodation available to you, ranging from tiny beach hideaways, perfect for rest and relaxation, to larger family hotels with pools and lots of activities.

Finding a Vast Array of Wildlife

Holidays in Kenya also offer you the great opportunity to see a variety of wildlife including the Big 5, cheetah, hyena, jackal and plains game. There are numerous parks and conservancies to explore. In the famed Masai Mara you can experience the wildebeest migration and some of the best game viewing on the continent. There’s also the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy where you can see and learn more about conservation in action and you can even visit the Nairobi National Park, the only park that is within a city in the entire world.

Experiencing Different Cultures

A vacation in Kenya also gives you the opportunity to learn about different cultures and see how people live in different environments. You can spend time visiting villages, markets and schools to meet local people and learn more about their culture and daily life.

Visiting the Great Rift Valley

Holidays in Kenya also offer you the opportunity to visit the Rift Valley, home to numerous lakes including Lake Nakuru where thousands of flamingo congregate.