Winter Breaks in the UK

Not everybody wants to head abroad around Christmas, there’s always the chance that you can’t make it back in time, or perhaps you can’t actually find the time to travel out too far. There’s no need to worry though, there are plenty of fantastic winter break destinations here in the UK.

Winchester is a pleasant location for various reasons. Winchester Cathedral is one of the main reasons many may choose to visit. The cathedral is known for its hidden treasures, whilst it’s also predominately known for its spectacular architecture. There is also a Victorian style Christmas market with plenty of festive foods on offer.

Scarborough is a stunning area out in the countryside is another possible winter break destination, where you can stay in log cabins. It actually posses the feel of a skiing holiday, especially when the winter snow has began to fall.

Remember, before you panic, pack your bags and head abroad for a winter break, there are plenty of places to explore in the UK, and these are just a couple of examples so keep looking if neither of these are to your liking.