Can’t afford a holiday?

If you really want to get away but cannot afford or cannot take time off to go on a week/ two week holiday then try and fit in a few mini breaks. You can even go abroad for a long weekend and have a fantastic time. These types of breaks can be found at fantastic prices if you shop around a bit and especially if you can go last minute.

Everyone needs a break from work or day to day life from time to time and holidays can be such a big expense. Managing to get away for a few days or even an overnight stay can be exactly what you need and this way you can afford to have a few throughout the year. An overnight stay in a spa can do you the world of good and an often be purchased for as little as £80-£100 per couple with meals included.

If you have never tried a mini break then I would highly recommend them, and they are great for all the family no matter how young or old.