How to Find Algarve Apartments to Rent Out

An apartment holiday is one of the best kinds, giving you the freedom to be with your family and do your own thing, without having to keep the noise down for hotel guests or eat breakfast with them every day. With an apartment, your space is your own for the entirety of the holiday, giving you the space to do as you will. Many people find this a more relaxing way to spend a holiday and there are now many apartment holiday options springing up all over Portugal. Lots of families, golf enthusiasts, couples, groups and tour companies travel to the South of Portugal and the Algarve region every single year, seeking out Algarve apartments to rent for the duration of their holiday. In such a beautiful and diverse region, there are many options for apartment holidays, from thriving towns like Lagos to laid back golf villages like Balaia.

Finding the perfect apartment for you

Many people travel to the Algarve and each person or group will have different preferences. Prioritise your needs and remember what you want your holiday to be like. Here are some tips for securing a beautiful apartment ahead of your holiday:

  • Look online. The internet is now one of the most popular ways to book holiday apartments, in Portugal as across the rest of the world. You will have lots of choice if you look for accommodation to rent out online.
  • Find a specialist agent. Many of the golf villages and complexes in the region will have various apartment owners who rent their apartments out via an agent. Look for an agent online and get up-to-date information about which of the apartments is available. The benefit of booking this way is that you can deal with a real person who can answer any questions.
  • Ask around. Many people will have travelled to Portugal and might be able to give you tips and advice about where to stay. If they have stayed somewhere especially lovely, ask for the name of the apartment complex or village. It’s always worth looking into areas that come highly recommended so you have an idea of the kind of place you will be staying. This is also useful if you have children; ask other families with children of a similar age where they stayed and what facilities they had.

Do you need to book an apartment in advance?

When travelling to Portugal, and the Algarve in particular, remember that this is a very busy area, especially in the height of the summer months. It’s a dangerous game to play to leave it to the last moment to book and even more dangerous to travel with a prior booking for an apartment. There may be some options for accommodation like hostels still available, but for the most part, the quality accommodation will get booked up, sometimes months in advance. If you already know you are going to Portugal next year, why not book now? You’ll be able to reserve the best apartments in the region.