Isle of Wight for a traditional British holiday

History can be found everywhere, and Britain is a country with an extremely rich history, one that still lives today, especially with holidays.

Today it may be cheap to travel to a different country or a different island, but the same can be said about our own islands and the Isle of Wight in particular. Before holidays in Spain and Greece became rather cheap and common, the Isle of Wight was extremely popular for British families.

Even today it can be. Delivering seaside pleasures with stunning views, the Isle of Wight may not be the hottest place to visit, but it can defiantly be known as one of the most attractive British holiday destinations.

You can enjoy walks on the rolling chalk downs, head out in a sailboat, taste the local foods or even time your trip to see the Isle of Wight music Festival. Before thinking about your next Spanish beach holiday, think about spending money in British territory, without needing to change currency. Though do check on the weather beforehand as you may need a raincoat.