Can’t afford a holiday?

If you really want to get away but cannot afford or cannot take time off to go on a week/ two week holiday then try and fit in a few mini breaks. You can even go abroad for a long weekend and have a fantastic time. These types of breaks can be found at fantastic prices if you shop around a bit and especially if you can go last minute.

Everyone needs a break from work or day to day life from time to time and holidays can be such a big expense. Managing to get away for a few days or even an overnight stay can be exactly what you need and this way you can afford to have a few throughout the year. An overnight stay in a spa can do you the world of good and an often be purchased for as little as £80-£100 per couple with meals included.

If you have never tried a mini break then I would highly recommend them, and they are great for all the family no matter how young or old.


Finding cheap family holidays abroad

Every family wants to go on holiday and often it may be that you want to go abroad. Often this is not possible as the cost is too high, but there are ways to find low cost holidays that everyone can enjoy.

If you are not limited to going within the school holidays then I would strongly recommend avoiding these times as prices for flights and accommodation can often double during school holiday periods.

Make sure that you compare the same or similar holidays through a number of holiday brokers or direct with companies as I have seen the same holiday for over £200 less than on a previous site, making a huge saving by just doing a few searches. When you find a holiday that you like, be sure to read all the information. It may be that you are restricted on flight luggage or that transfers to and from the airport are extra. If this is the case then add on what you need to give you a total figure. You may find that once you have added the extras on it is actually cheaper to go with a company where the price quoted initially includes all of those things already.

Romantic breaks away

If you are looking for a getaway with your loved one, there are many holidays and trips on offer that you can chose from. It may be that your trip is limited by budget or location (due to time constraints) or maybe you have a particular place in mind that has fond memories for you.

Some hotels offer package breaks which may include access to a spa, meals and drinks or days out allowing you to save money and plan your entire trip. These packages will often costs less than if you had to pay for each of the items individually and also mean that you do not have to worry about saving up to take a lot of spending money with you.

Voucher sites such as Groupon and Living Social often have package holidays and breaks away that are advertised at a 50% reduction, making them almost impossible to beat. Always be sure to check the terms and conditions when booking a package deal as you may be restricted to times when you can use it.