Packing advice

When packing for a trip abroad it can be tempting to think that you will need much more luggage allowance than is normally allocated however this need not be the case with these handy tips.

Choose a light case – It’s always good to be aware that some suitcases, particularly hard shelled ones with wheels can weigh quite a lot and can take up valuable weight allowance so always buy a light but sturdy case ideally made of fabric so that it’s easy to pack and store.

Roll your clothes – if you fold each item in your case it will not only take up more room but it will also get creased really easily, to stop this simply fold then roll your clothes and pack them in to every nook and cranny.

Make the most of your hand luggage allowance – most hand luggage allowances are quite generous so if you have heavy items such as shoes or electrical good then pop them in your hand luggage instead.

And if you still have too much luggage to carry why not send your luggage ahead using a parcel company, it can sometimes work out cheaper to do that than to carry extra baggage on your flight so well worth looking into.